Nugart Bars recipe


Honey-based meringue, cooked with a blowtorch and flavored with almonds and pistachios.

* Ingredients:
Pistachio (s), blanched: 130 g
Egg white (s): 70 g
Honey: 500 g
Powdered sugar: 435 g
Glucose syrup: 200 g
Water: 13 cl
Toasted almond (s): 400 g
Icing sugar: 30 g

* Preparation:
Recipe for a frame of 27 x 18 x 3 cm high: approximately 36 bars of nougat.
Beat the egg whites with 35 g of sugar (do not beat them too much) and pour in the honey cooked at 130 ° C. Then add 400 g of sugar, glucose and water cooked at 145 ° C.
In a mixer, beat the mixture with the leaves (let run at low speed) and dry it for 5 to 10 min (depending on the quantity) using a torch. Then pour the resulting meringue into a stainless steel basin, then gently incorporate with a spatula the whole toasted almonds and the blanched pistachios.
Lightly cool the nougat with a little icing sugar placed on the table, then mold it into a frame 3 cm high. Then let it cool completely, then cut with a saw knife strips 9 cm wide, then 1.5 cm thick.
Wrap the nougats obtained directly in plastic wrap. ENJOY !